Different Ways of Winning Tic-Tac-Toe Game


There are different ways on how to win the classic Tic Tac Toe game. One can either start from the corner, the sides or the center. Most people play this by starting at the corner not only because it is the easiest way but it also guarantees a sure win. When a player starts at the corner, there are seven ways that they can win.  One can ensure a guaranteed win by trapping their opponent until you are left with two possible ways to win.

Nevertheless, there are times when the other player chooses to put a mark at the center. It is during this time that you must eye for a symmetrical mark.  Once you have the expertise in playing the corners then you can now move on to starting from the sides or center.

When one starts playing from the sides, there are only two guaranteed ways to win as oppose to seven when starting from the corners. In order for you to win this game when starting at the sides, you must lead the other player to put their mark on a symmetrical way. However, if you were lead on to take the symmetry way,, you can actually lose the game.

Often times, player of this game starts marking the center.  If this is done, the other player will only have two moves. If your opponent put a mark on the sides, choose one of the corners then you will surely win the game. On the other hand, if the other player chooses a corner, you should take the strategy of placing your next mark by using the diagonal line.

This strategy works for both Xs and Os so it doesn’t matter if you go first or second. It is planning ahead and identifying your opponent’s strategy that can guarantee a win for you.